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Responsible Plastic Management (RPM) 

RPM is a ‘NEW INITIATIVE’ from RS Standards and aims to act as a catalyst for the Reduction, Reuse and Recycling of Plastics in the Supply Chain.
Given the extraordinary scale and rate of expansion of global production of plastic waste — according to the Financial Times, as of 2015, approximately 6.3bn metric tons — complementary sector strategies are urgently needed to avoid the ever-increasing accumulation of end-of-life plastic in the world’s terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

RPM is a Voluntary Program that starts organisations on s structured and recognised journey towards a Responsible Plastic Management accolade. Organisations can sign up to this new RPM initiative to transparently take on the commitment and verification of reducing unnecessary plastic use in their operations.

RS Standards will work with organisations to assist with a reduction program and promotion of the verification of results.

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