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Knowfish Online Collaborator


Knowfish is an online platform for the controlled management and collaborative creation, review and editing of seafood standards and assessment reports.

The KnowFish Application was created by RS through its insights to the needs for transparency, collaboration and records in the creation and management of ISO type standards and documents.


The platform can be used by Technical Standards Committees to remotely review reports and draft documents online and see the comments and inserts from other committee members in real time.


The application has been used for the following programs:


  • Alaska RFM Program
  • GAA BAP Program
  • Seafish RFS Program
  • IFFO RS Program

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KnowCatch is an online assessment and data retrieval system for the seafood sector that can be used from fishing boats to sophisticated seafood processing operations.


The seafood industry has one of the most complicated supply chains in the world, often with five to seven companies involved from catch to plate, each typically keeping records on paper, or personal computers in far-flung locations.


50 million vessels are currently involved in supplying seafood through the commercial sector.


The current, largely opaque supply chain is a major concern for seafood buyers and brand managers as it hides numerous risks to brands in the form of potential highly negative issues and impacts, including overfishing, fraud, human rights abuses in the labor force, pollution and resource depletion.


New UK and US legislation requires sizable organizations to offer assurances through due diligence that there is no slavery in their supply chains putting an onus on them to have information of their supply chains – major brand companies have already in the US courts over slavery issues evident in seafood supply chains and products.

Improving seafood catching and farming transparency and traceability is critical to promoting product integrity and sustainability in both aquaculture and wild-caught fish: and is a must for corporate seafood buyers and suppliers.


Technology has been developed and created to enable the collection and upload of relevant assurance data from fishing vessels and handling points through out the seafood supply chain in real time with the ability to cross correlate this information with best practice standards and performance indicators for the seafood industry.


The KnowCatch solution can work at a vessel to buyer level or on a larger scale could create a seafood assurance information super highway with a traffic light warning and flag notification system for seafood suppliers and buyers, businesses and governments needing to have due diligence and who are striving for growth and sustainability.


This solution creates a situation where seafood buyers can log on to a cloud based information system and cross reference and validate the assurance levels at fishing vessels, fish farms and packing stations in real time. Fishing vessels, farms and processors will have the ability to upload relevant assurance information in real time. This system could also proactively flag to the buyer and supplier if any relevant operation was operating outside prescribed assurance levels. This is the ultimate vision for KnowCatch.