Aquaculture Area Management Frameworks for Sustainable Aquaculture Business Development


Fisheries Management is a well defined and understood management framework that underpins the sustainability of wild capture seafood products. The formal structures and plans based on risk assessments have allowed for certification programs to verify that expected outputs, controls and processes are in place and demonstrate integrity.


RS Standards has led responsible fishery management initiatives globally (US, Canada, EU, Nordics)  and is now leading  and assisting the aquaculture sector to learn lessons from the fishery management models.  Co-Ordinated Local Area Management initiatives are the solution. The framework plan for this has started in Ireland but the RS design and intention is truly internationally focused and it twin tracks and compliments Global Aquaculture Alliance initiative in Biosecurity Area Management; with a focused mission to help reduce the ‘6 billion dollar per year” global aquaculture disease problem.

Those involved in  these Aquaculture Area Management initiatives will be able to show verifiable progress in collective management to four of the cornerstones of sustainability; environmental stewardship, traceability to food quality and safety, biosecurity, and health & safety of both those involved in production and the wider community.

There is now the opportunity, facilitated through RS Standards, for the initiation of detailed and relevant descriptive Reports forAquaculture areas and activities within shared water bodies from which farmed seafood products are sourced.

These ‘Co-ordinated Local Area Management Reports’ are structured in a consistent and formal approach according to a verifiable framework and will detail the potential product and reputation risks and any management plans and frameworks associated with the risks within the specific water bodies. The findings of the report can give guidance to a structured improvement strategy framework or a verification report that systems and control agreements are in place.

Unverifiable area expectations will no longer need to be the acceptable reality. We are confident that producers, investors, environmental groups and markets will agree that this initiative will drive better aquaculture collaboration and risk management and propel this valuable source of seafood into a more sustainably managed status.

It’s a sustainability challenge and its well worth supporting.

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