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RS offers expert services for Standards and Assurance Program benchmarking for Gap Analysis or for Expert Peer review for Standards, Assessment or Improvement Models in development.

RS experts have been at the forefront of developing global benchmarking comparison initiatives by leading or participation in workshops designed to develop comprehensive methodology to assess the credibility of standards.  This includes benchmarking or comparison mechanisms such as the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI), State of Sustainability Initiative (SSI), The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) and Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).   RS teams can offer a bespoke service to a standard holder on how these processes will operate and what relevant information will be required, to ensure that they obtain the maximum recognition from international benchmarking and comparison initiatives. RS are recognised as the GSSI and standards experts. We were part of review working groups with the GSSI Standard and our team members (then with Global Trust) helped to create the first programs that reached GSSI and

full GSSI Benchmarking recognition:

  • Alaska Responsible Fisheries Management Standard
  • Iceland Responsible Fisheries Management Standard
  • GAA Best Aquaculture Practice Standard
  • BIM Certified Quality Aquaculture Standard
  • RS are assisting a number of other leading seafood assurance programs to make the necessary improvements (Governance, Operations, Standards) that are needed for their programs to maintain a leading market position or to achieve the GSSI Recognition.

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RS expertise and toolkits can be used to review and assess standards from all sectors of the supply chain to established industry norms. RS can formally and quantifiably determine if a standard is either Class /Sector leading, or an equivalent or is lagging behind the norm.   Through our insights to Standards, Certification and Accreditation, RS have developed tools for assessing Standards against multiple benchmarking frameworks and can give expert feedback on the practicalities or deficiencies of standards in consideration or under development.   Contact us for more information