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RS Standards team members have consistently been chosen as key service providers by the thought leaders in retail, food service, production, processing, governments and marker support organisations for sustainability, assurance and certification support services. RS are client focused, service orientated, owned by management and staff and we have no reliance with any pressure or lobby groups.

RS by its unique service proposition can offer organisations a suite of bespoke services that will enhance credentials, efficiencies and continuously improve due diligence and reputation.   Our fields of expertise includes – Quality, Safety, Sustainability, Traceability,  Environmental, Social and Ethical, Economic, Certification, Accreditation, GSSI and GFSI Benchmarking.   Contact us for more information


RS experts are at the forefront of standards design and development and make it their business to inform clients what the “hot spots” effecting their sustainability credentials in future may be, that could affect their industry sector.   Contact us for more information


In the past 15 years a distinction has been made between fisheries which are certified against a sustainability standard, and those which are not. Increasingly, due to greater understanding of the seafood sustainability journey markets are also now recognising and relying upon an improvement status alternative to certification in the form of Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPS) and Aquaculture Improvement Projects (AIPs).   A Fishery Improvement Project or an Aquaculture Improvement Project is a very important initiative. It is a collaborative ‘Investment and Development Process’ which can be initiated by almost any fishery or aquaculture collaborative group. Typically the target is for the group to attain some form of sustainability milestone or achieve certification to market recognised standards eg MSC, ASC, IFFO, GAA etc.   This new market strategy focusing on Improvement Status has been to readily accept fisheries and aquaculture groups which have entered into an Improvement Project (FIP) and these Improvement groups are seen as having less risk and seen as fit to supply. Improvement projects are therefore are seen as offering increased integrity compared fisheries and aquaculture groups which have not.   RS are assisting with Fishery and Aquaculture Improvement Projects. RS have been at the forefront of standards development and certification and therefore have a practical and expert knowledge and understanding of what is needed by industry to develop and manage credible improvement projects.   Our standards expertise and improvement initiative offering includes MSC, FAO-based RFM, GAA BAP, ASC, IFFO RS, Seafish RFS and also emerging Social Accountability standards for Seafood and Zone Management for aquaculture   Contact us for more information


RS teams are equipped to develop bespoke services that can improve an organisation’s interpretation of standard or a standard’s rating criteria to an international benchmarking initiative.   Our bespoke training packages range from ‘introduction to standards’ to ‘expert training for auditors and certification officers’. Training areas include sector specific courses for Sustainability, Social Accountability, Product Integrity, Traceability and Quality Systems Management.   Contact us for more information