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Area Management (Biosecurity) – A GAA Initiative

Area and Zone Management is understood to be an important tool in Disease Management. Disease (viral or bacterial) has been causing multi-billion dollar losses for the global sector and it continues to be considered as the greatest obstacle to the growth of the Aquaculture sector.


RS is assisting the GAA Area Management Initiative that will seek to reduce the disease incidence in aquaculture through effective Zone Management strategies.

Area Management will assist stakeholders to come together in a collaborative (pre competitive) structured manner to improve sustainability and food security through the identification of disease risk and the reduction of disease occurrence.


RS is leading the development of the Standard through a Technical Committee. The Standard is on-line for Public Comment. The Application phase is open and available.


Those Applicants that are successful in the ‘Assessment Phase’ will be awarded GAA Certification as having a ‘Certified Area Management System’.


The Area Management Initiative has had global support from markets, the industry and environmental groups. Applicants who enter the Area Management Standard process will gain positive recognition and a better chance for sustainable production.


Area Management is an essential tool to provide confidence and assurance to all stakeholders and interested parties that disease management controls are in place and that the sustainability of supply is collaboratively being managed and protected.