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Risk Management

RS Standards delivers Risk Assessment support services in Europe, Asia and North America because in a world where increased certainty is needed, all businesses will need to be able to demonstrate robust due diligence during their procurement activities to maintain their corporate and social responsibilities.

Focused risk management and assessment tools will play a crucial role to allow a business to source responsibly and with confidence.


RS Standards Risk Assessment Sourcing Systems (RASS) approach


RS Standards uses a bespoke RASS approach to conduct product specific and entire supply chain risk assessment to determine vulnerabilities, allowing for risk management strategies to be developed for your business needs. RS Standards have over 30 years’ experience working with the food supply chain and have the expertise to assess the environmental, food safety, biosecurity and social risks within product specific or generic supply chains across the globe.


Some key projects RS Standards have / are using RASS in:


  • Hong Kong seafood risk assessment (see case-study)

  • Helping businesses implement PAS 1550 COP

  • Fisheries assessment and improvement models

  • Bespoke risk assessment, verification and supply-chain mapping for businesses

RS Standards also undertakes Horizon Scanning and Deep Dive Reviews on subject areas of interest, for example; traceability, social risks in fishing, and fish welfare risks. Please arrange a free initial consultation with a member of the RS Standards team to see how we could support your business.


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Risk Assessment in Seafood

Ensuring Legal Seafood using BSI – PAS 1550

What is BSI-PAS 1550?   It’s a Code of Practice (COP) for exercising due diligence in establishing the legal origin of seafood products and marine ingredients


The seafood supply chain and retailers are now facing increasing pressure to demonstrate greater levels of transparency in their procurement objectives and demonstrate assurance of legal seafood – PAS 1550 is likely to be the key reference tool.


The Pew Foundation, WWF, and Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) have recently developed further guidance for supply chain businesses to implement the requirements of the BSI PAS 1550 Code of Practice: RS Standards can assist with awareness, training and risk assessment.


PAS 1550 has the following aspects


  • Traceability

  • Fisheries Management

  • Source Fishing Vessels

  • Decent Working Conditions in the Fishing Sector

  • Factory Controls, Ethics and Labour


Implementation of the PAS 1550 COP will require continuous improvement by a supply chain business.


RS Standards are well placed to support your business with a number of key products, some of which are highlighted below:


  • Bespoke Training – helping all areas of your business understand the PAS 1550 COP requirements, and what it means for your operations

  • Risk Assessment and Verification – providing metrics and indication of potential risks (see RS Standards RASS approach below for additional details)

  • Supply-chain Mapping – conducting full supply-chain mapping back to your Tier 2 suppliers and beyond

  • Business Strategy – developing a plan for risk mitigation and continuous improvement

Biosecurity Area Management Standard

RS Standards are often chosen to lead key project initiatives. An example is the Biosecurity Area Management standard for GAA. RS is assisting with their GAA Area Management Initiative that seeks to reduce the disease incidence in aquaculture through effective Zone Management strategies.

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Fishery Assessment & Improvement Models

RS is leading Fishery Assessment and Improvement Initiatives for the global fishing sector. RS has been working on initiatives to take the limited information available to some data-deficient fisheries and use it to generate management solutions for fishery improvement or assurance.

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Risk Management Tools

RS works with organisations internationally to establish risk assessment processes and management tools to help businesses understand risks, integrate into their business model, and ensure that they are operating in accordance with international norms of good practice.

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Horizon Scanning And Deep Dive Reviews

RS Standards are actively scanning the risk landscape and emerging issues. We are well connected with the seafood industry internationally, and can provide clients with insights on key issues. This has included providing deep dive reviews on particular topics, for example; food traceability and safety, fishing vessel standards, and fish welfare risks.

Bespoke Risk Assessment And Supply-Chain Mapping

At the request of individual businesses we can undertake audits of supply-chains to assess risk (whether environmental, social, or / and traceability risks) and provide recommendations to reduce vulnerabilities and improve assurance.