Building Resilience

Coordinated Local Area Management Systems (CLAMS)

RS Standards is the leading Project Manager for implementation of Coordinated Local Area Management Systems (CLAMS) to support seafood producers and their supply chains.

Area Management is of upmost importance because in the absence of a robust collaborative and coordinated approach to the management of shared waters and coastlines, businesses will remain vulnerable to environmental hazards and external pressures.


CLAMS is an innovative tool and collaborative platform for developing and progressing an area management system and journey for engagement of producers and coordination of good practices. Working with RS Standards and using CLAMS, producers can communicate the benefits of sustainable aquaculture and fisheries in shared waters and coastal environments.


CLAMS originates in Ireland, from twenty years of development with BIM and support partners. It is a proven practical and robust model and continues as an active area management system with investment by the key stakeholders who value its deliverables.


Through CLAMS, producers can achieve:


  • Planned and sustainable use of natural resources

  • Effective and transparent stakeholder communications

  • Stronger and collective biosecurity against hazards and their impacts

  • A collective response to shared challenges and opportunities

  • Demonstration of best practice to planners, regulators and markets

RS Standards is currently receiving high level interest in CLAMS across many regions including; Canada, UK, Asia and Africa. If you would like to discuss CLAMS for your project please contact us.


Biosecurity – A key element in Supply Chain Vulnerability

Organisations working in a shared space are interlinked by external factors, area transmission vectors and their engaged parties. CLAMS delivers improved coordination and mitigation of common risk areas and disease challenges leading to improved performance, productivity and biosecurity.


Effective supply chain biosecurity will be key to moving forward from the COVID:19 crisis. Organisations will need to be more resilient and secure from the risks to both human and animal health. An effective Area Management System using CLAMS can help reduce these risks and strengthen supply chain resilience.


Download our 3-page CLAMS Explained


And now CLAMS is Online!


‘CLAMS Online’ is an exciting new development allowing producer groups to collaborate, deliver and showcase their success Online.


Use CLAMS Online to drive your initiative and showcase to your stakeholders:


  • Create, share and comment on project documents and reports

  • Link news feeds, publications and notices

  • Develop a library resource of important data and documents

  • Showcase achievements to your stakeholders and the public

  • All in a secure, user access defined, protected environment

CLAMS and CLAMS Online are services and tools delivered by RS Standards for the coordinated management, resilience and sustainable development of aquaculture and fisheries.


An example of where CLAMS has proven its value and investment is in Irish Aquaculture where it has been in operation for 20 years and RS Standards is now leading a national review and update of circa 14+ CLAMS operating throughout the coastal regions.


CLAMS has led to organised and sustainable growth of Aquaculture, improved biosecurity and now achieving the world’s first certification to the BAP Biosecurity Area Management Standard in Clew Bay, Ireland.


An example of CLAMS working Online is Irish Aquaculture – BAP Biosecurity Area Management Standard in Clew Bay, Ireland.

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