Consulting & Benchmarking

RS Standards offers bespoke services including consulting and benchmarking, helping businesses understand how they are performing in a competitive market. Our team works with clients on a broad range of different issues. 

Research and Benchmarking

Research and Benchmarking

Providing expertise on a wide range of issues

Our wide ranging areas of expertise mean we can make sense of the ever changing, complex landscape. Our outputs are tailored to the needs of our client, varying from short briefings, detailed analyses, or in-depth reviews. 

Clients have commissioned RS to undertake research and produce reports on key issues such as sustainability, traceability, food safety, and animal and social welfare to understand new challenges in a changing market.

We have benchmarked standards and business policies against other standards, market expectations and legal requirements.  

We actively scan the landscape, identify trends and issues so we can provide clients with information that will help in their business decisions.

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Bespoke risk and supply-chain mapping

Bespoke risk and supply-chain mapping

Supporting businesses to identify and manage risk

We work with organisations to establish risk mapping processes and management tools to help businesses understand risks and ensure that they are operating in accordance with good practice.

We can undertake a review of supply-chains to map risks (environmental, social, or / and traceability risks) and provide recommendations to reduce vulnerabilities and improve assurance. 

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Supply Chain Transparency

Supply Chain Transparency

The International Labour Organization estimates 40.3 million people are victims of modern slavery today. Within this global context, seafood is a relatively high-risk commodity, with proven cases of modern slavery, child labour and systemic worker exploitation. The complex nature of seafood sourcing means these serious issues are not visible.  

With increasing legal requirements for businesses to report on modern slavery, tackling these issues is a priority. This is a complex undertaking, with a myriad of different approaches that can be taken. This is where RS can help.                                

Supporting transparency in seafood supply chains – human rights due diligence

Our approach provides a fully independent, streamlined, risk mapping model and assurance program that agri-food and seafood buyers can support and engage with, to work towards ensuring social due diligence for their supply chains. 

RS has developed an approach to risk mapping which benefits from using different tools and techniques. Our experience and knowledge of seafood supply chains means we can support businesses to make a real difference in their social responsibility.

We can assess your policies and procedures against a range of criteria such as PAS1550, GDST, and undertake detailed assessments of specific supply chains. We can work with you on ways to manage and reduce risks. 

RS works with you using our tailored approach.

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