MarinTrust (IFFO RS)

The RS Standards team helped create and provides Standards and Certification Program expertise to MarinTrust, the international Marine Ingredients Organisation for its Responsible Sourcing Certification Program. To provide assurance to the supply chain that the fisheries and fish meal and fish oil are responsibly managed for sustainable use.

MarinTrust RS Standard – Version 2.0 is the leading standard in the certification of marine ingredients. Maintaining relevance, credibility and accessibility to all current and prospective producers.

RS Standards has led in the development of a new MarinTrust RS Chain of Custody Standard that will give greater product integrity credential to the program when it is released in 2020.

RS Standards assisted in the development of the MarinTrust RS Improver Programme and currently assists with fisheries from around the globe that are using this methodology to enhance their fisheries management credentials.

RS Standards have assisted with the development of a multi-species assessment program for these types of fisheries and this concept is currently being tested in SE Asia.

MarinTrust RS Projects are operational in over 15 Countries.


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