Mike Platt presents at the Conservation Alliance 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting

It’s Time The Word Sustainable Refer To More Than The Environment: A Year In Review – Launching The Responsible Fishing Vessel Standard

Today’s marketplace needs assurance that their seafood supply chains are free of human rights abuses; fishing crews are treated and paid fairly, trained appropriately and are working in safe conditions. Launched over a year ago, the Responsible Fishing Vessel Scheme (RFVS) is the only global, vessel-based program certifying high standards of operational practices relating to crew safety and welfare on board fishing vessels.

Since the launch, GSA along with Mike Platt our RS Lead Partner, have developed a robust program resulting in certifications for individual vessels and fleets.

Covering lessons learned, our future goals and the continued importance of programs such as the RFVS, in this webinar run by the Conservation Alliance you will hear from certified vessel owners, marketplace representatives, certification bodies and others on their experience with RFVS.

The RFVS is a part of the Best Seafood Practices (BSP) Program providing solutions that work for wild seafood supply chains delivering a comprehensive set of assurances and helping to ensure a greater supply of seafood that is environmentally and socially responsible.


  • Melanie Siggs – GSA, Director Strategic Engagement
  • Mike Platt – RS Standards Consultancy, Partner and GSA, Standards Director
  • Henk Brus – Pacifical, Chief Operating Officer
  • Thomas Van Haaren – Consumer Goods Forum, Senior Manager – Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative
  • Brian Perkins – GSA, COO

For the full event schedule, agenda details and to ‘Register Now’ please visit the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions website.


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