Building Resilience

Plastic Management (RPM)

RS Standards is a lead Partner with the Responsible Plastic Management (RPM) Program. We helped RPM to devise the program and standards and we support organisations that wish to progress to the Standard with project management assistance.


Plastic is one of the most versatile and useful materials available.  From protecting food and consumer goods to electrical insulation to car components, it is inconceivable to imagine a world without plastic.  However, an over reliance on so-called single use plastic and a throw away culture has led to a global plastic pollution crisis.


RS Standards helps businesses become more responsible in the use of plastic via the RPM Program. New policies and directives are set to be introduced requiring extended producer responsibility and almost certainly increasing tax on waste.  RS Standards can help businesses get a head of the curve.


  • We can provide gap analysis against the RPM Standard, helping you identify ways to reduce and improve recycle rates, support business efficiency and reduce your plastic waste bill.

  • RS Standards can carry out a Baseline Review and establish a Plastic Footprint, giving a complete picture of the types, flows and end fate of plastic in your business.

  • RS Standards can set up Plastic Registers for businesses and business sectors providing a full account and inventory of plastic.


This gives a clear position on plastic, provides clarity for establishing actionable areas, hot spots and easy wins where plastic can be reduced or managed more efficiently and improve recycle rates.


RS Standards can help you make positive change.

RPM - A Catalyst for Plastic Reduction, Reuse and Recycling

RPM uses a best practice standard for responsible plastic management and provides recognition via it’s RPM Trust Mark for businesses that raise awareness, implement a plastic management system and improve their reduce, reuse and recycle rates.  RS Standards will work with organisations on their journey from target setting to target achievements.

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