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RS Standards delivers Training online and in person.


RS Standards Training Team members have consistently been chosen as key service providers by the thought leaders in retail, food service, production, processing, governments and marker support organisations for sustainability, assurance and certification support services.


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  • Responsible Plastic Management (Awareness – Auditor Training)

  • ISO 17065 Accreditation Standard Training

  • Social Auditor Training

  • Risk Assessment Training

  • Area Management Training


RS Standards by its unique service proposition can offer organisations a suite of bespoke services that will enhance credentials, efficiencies and continuously improve due diligence and reputation. Our fields of expertise include – Quality, Safety, Sustainability, Traceability, Environmental, Social and Ethical, Economic, Certification, Accreditation, GSSI and GFSI Benchmarking.


Responsible Plastic Management (RPM) Training

RPM Program has Plastic training courses to suit all levels. Each is designed to give knowledge and practical tips that will help you make a difference whether working from home, in the office or on the production floor.


Become more aware about the problem with plastic pollution and how you can make a positive change to stop it!


There are a number of levels of Plastic Training including:

  • 101 – General Awareness Plastic Training Course

  • 202 – Implementing a Responsible Plastic Management System (Manager) Training Course

  • 303 – Implementing a Responsible Plastic Management System (Auditor) Training Course

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We offer In-House/Onsite training as well as Public courses, at all times catering to the best needs of the Organisation.


RPM is now also offering training online!

Why not sign up to our new online training service today and avail of our Free Plastic Intro course now and start your journey!

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ISO 17065 Training

RS Standards has developed an ISO/IEC 17065 bespoke training program to support and empower organisations and colleagues in the understanding of this fundamental standard that underpins all credible Certification Program Development, Management, Assessment and/or Governance.



ISO/IEC 17065 has great importance in the marketplace as it has become the accreditation reference benchmark and must-have for a number of global and national, market and government assurance programs.



There are many parties and persons involved in certification programs and all these individuals must be competent and have an understanding of their role and responsibilities. It is imperative for collective confidence that they can demonstrate adequate competence in ISO 17065 to fulfil their role.

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Protect your business from food fraud

Food fraud causes millions in lost revenues to reputable businesses annually. The law also requires that food manufacturers understand their responsibilities in the protection and prevention of unwillingly being involved in fraudulent activities.  The laws in different jurisdiction can be different which means international food businesses must understand what compliance and good practice in all regions. Negligence is no line of defence when it comes to food fraud.


RS Standards can assist businesses to become more aware of the causes of food fraud, how to detect it, how to protect your business from it and how to remain compliant with food law.


We can offer online training courses on:

  • Food Fraud: Why and How Does it Happen

  • Practical Workshop in Food Fraud Assessment

  • Vulnerability Assessment of Raw Materials

  • Implementing VACCP- Vulnerability Assessment Critical Control Point

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