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RPM (Responsible Plastic Management)

RS Standards is a lead Consultancy Partner with the Responsible Plastic Management (RPM) Program. RS Standards have assisted RPM with the program definition, RPM Standard development, audit applications and overall program integrity and governance. RS Standards also provides expert advice and consultancy on the implementation of RPM to different sectors and organisations.

GSA Global Seafood Assurance

RS Standards assisted with the start up and concept of the Global Seafood Assurances initiative. RS Standards have been the lead consultant in the development of the new Responsible Fishing Vessel Standard that was officially published in 2020, as the world’s first global fishing vessel standard designed to give assurance on Crew Welfare and Safety. This standard plays a pivotal role within Global Seafood Assurance’s Best Fishery Practices Assurance program.


Pew is focused on building a global system to combat illegal (IUU) fishing by working with governments, fisheries management bodies, enforcement authorities, and the seafood industry to adopt and implement international agreements and regulations, and form multi-State coalitions that will safeguard and protect their waters. RS Standards have facilitated workshops in SE Asia focused on addressing IUU challenges in reduction fisheries. 

Hong Kong Sustainable Seafood Coalition

The HKSSC offers a practical and collaborative way to demonstrate good sourcing practices by its members committing to voluntary codes on responsible seafood sourcing. RS Standards are developing a seafood risk assessment tool for HKSSC members with their commitments to responsible sourcing


GSSI is a leading benchmarking tool that aligns global efforts and resources to address seafood sustainability challenges. RS Standards is working with the GSSI Secretariat to develop a set of internal processes and procedures to form a GSSI Quality Management System, based on ISO requirements to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of this organisation.

MSC (Marine Stewardship Council)

The MSC is the leading fishery certification programme that has been in existence since 2008. RS Standards has worked for the MSC providing support for their Product Integrity programme and Product Provenance Platform Project. RS Standards has conducted benchmarking work of their standards with other international and national fishery programmes.

BIM (Bord Iascaigh Mhara)

BIM is the Irish State Agency responsible for developing seafood in Ireland.

BIM’s vision is to lead the Irish Seafood sector to become an international leader in high value differentiated products that satisfy the growing demand for healthy, safe, responsibly and sustainably produced seafood. RS Standards team has been delivering services to BIM for well over a decade including technical, management and strategic advice and services on BIM’s Certified Quality Aquaculture Scheme and EU organic regulations for aquaculture.

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Seafish UK

Seafish UK – RS Standards provides Standards and Certification Program development expertise to the Seafish Industry Authority UK for its revised Responsible Fishing Scheme. To provide assurance to the supply chain that the catching sector of the seafood industry has robust social, welfare and safety credentials for all fishermen working at sea. RS is assisting with the internationalisation of the Responsible Fishing Scheme and certification program. International Pilot projects have occurred in Iceland, Peru, USA, and the Maldives.

Certified Seafood Collaborative

The RS Standards team were the chief technical architects of the Responsible Fisheries Management (RFM) Standard and continue to provide Standards and Certification Program expertise to the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute for its FAO-Based Responsible Fisheries Management Certification Program. To provide assurance to the supply chain that the fisheries are responsibly managed for sustainable use. Contact us for more details fishermen working at sea. Further RFM Projects were commenced in Iceland, Canada, Louisiana and Australia.

Fair Trade USA

Fair Trade USA helps producers access better wages, safe working conditions, and environmental protections. RS Standards have been supporting Fair Trade on the creation and delivery of auditor training materials for their Capture Fisheries Standard.

GSA/Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP)

RS Standards is a support organisation to the GSA (previously GAA) BAP Program. Team members have been assisting GSA BAP for over 18 years with Certification, Accreditation and Standards Development.

RS Standards have been leading and assisting GSA BAP with the development of a Global Standard for Zone Management in Aquaculture Farming.

Current Area Management Projects are operational in Chile, Honduras, Columbia and Ireland.


MarinTrust (IFFO RS)

The RS Standards team helped create and provides Standards and Certification Program expertise to MarinTrust, the international Marine Ingredients Organisation for its Responsible Sourcing Certification Program. To provide assurance to the supply chain that the fisheries and fish meal and fish oil are responsibly managed for sustainable use.


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