First UK-based Vessels Certified to Responsible Fishing Vessel Standard

Mike Platt, RS Standards Partner, who was the lead Consultant in the development of the Responsible Fishing Vessel Standard (RFVS) is delighted that after some considerable work this next key milestone has now been reached and the new RFVS program now have some vessels in the UK certified.

Global Seafood Assurances (GSA) have just announced that several vessels in the UK have now achieved certification against the Responsible Fishing Vessel Standard (RFVS). Included within these UK certified vessels are 80-meter vessels in Scotland belonging to the Lunar Fishing Company and the Klondyke Fishing Company as well as single-handed vessels based in Norfolk.

This progress in the UK has been possible thanks to the commitment of retailers and brands such as Marks & Spencer, Morrisons, The Big Prawn Company and Waitrose.

Steven McLean, Head of Agriculture and Fisheries at M&S Food Group, said, “This is a terrific achievement, and an important moment in the world of seafood sustainability. M&S would like to congratulate our suppliers the Lunar and Tait family (Klondyke) businesses in becoming amongst the very first fishing companies in the world — and the first of the Scottish fleets — to achieve certification against the new Responsible Fishing Vessel Standard.”

Joe Prosho, Agriculture, Fisheries and Sustainable Sourcing Manager at Morrisons plc, who specifically supported the single handed vessel operators in Norfolk, said, “Small scale British fishing has an important role to play in a vibrant, sustainable future industry. RFVS certification helps provide important assurance that fishermen are taking responsibility for their own safety, legal and environmentally responsible operations, whatever the size, and we look forward to supporting wider uptake across the UK.”

Andy Boulton, Aquaculture and Fisheries Manager at Waitrose, added, “British fish continues to be the backbone of our range, and we’re thrilled to see Lunar and Tait vessels achieve RFVS certification. This acts as another significant step to give continued assurance to customers that what they put in their baskets has been sourced responsibly and from well managed vessels where crew welfare and safety is central to their success.”

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Mike Platt

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