Improving global food safety outcomes

Countries such as the UK are very much the outlier when you look at food safety in the majority of countries globally. Each year, contaminated food causes over 600 million cases of preventable illness, with there being 420,000 deaths worldwide. The impacts of inadequate food safety are disproportionately felt by individuals and governments in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs).

RS Standards have been commissioned by Lloyd’s Register Foundation to undertake research on food safety education programmes globally, to better understand food safety course curriculums, training, delivery and impact, with a particular focus on LMICs. This will provide needed context to organisations wanting to make a difference in food safety education, by highlighting areas of strengths and opportunities in the current landscape. It will also help the Foundation to build on its work with the FAO, developing a higher-education food safety curriculum for the Caribbean and East Africa.

Alex Caveen, Lead Consultant commented that ‘the project is in its final stages and a report will be made publicly available sometime in June. In the meantime, please go to the Foundation’s website for further details on the project.’

Alex Caveen

Senior Consultant