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Area Management and Certification using CLAMS (Coordinated Local Area Management Systems)

An example of CLAMS and CLAMS Online is the Clew Bay CLAMS initiative on the west coast of Ireland which also received the world’s first BAP Biosecurity Area Management Standard certification.   

Aquaculture producers and their stakeholders in Clew Bay, Ireland have operated to the CLAMS system for almost 20 years. This producer driven coordinated approach is facilitated by BIM, the Seafood Development Agency and Marine Institute  of Ireland providing a connected and organised approach to the sustainable development needs of Aquaculture.

Essentially, CLAMS is both a management system and a formal collective of the fish and shellfish farmers. As well as describing the physical characteristics of the bay, its history, aquaculture operations, future potential, problems etc., it allows various codes of practice to be customized and integrated with the area’s aquaculture operations. Additionally, it provides the framework to draw up aquaculture management and development plans, whilst also hooking in local communities to quickly identify and address issues that affect or are affected by aquaculture activities.

And now, with CLAMS Online, even greater opportunity for engaging stakeholders, sharing information, managing projects and communicating the value of aquaculture in Clew Bay is possible.   

Clew Bay Aquaculture BAP Area Management Certification – Ireland

In 2014 RS Standards brought together a technical committee of leading experts and developed a Biosecurity Area Management Standard for the Global Aquaculture Alliance.

The standard brought forward key directions for:

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Risk Management

  • Threat and Vector Analysis

  • Policies and Systems

  • Records and Control

Biosecurity management requires all key parties to work together and commit to the aims and objectives of the Biosecurity Plan whether it is focused at an organisational level or area level.

Several biosecurity management initiatives commenced using the standard created by RS Standards across the world and the first to reach certification recognition was Clew Bay in the west of Ireland.

The audit and certification showed all relevant parties of Clew Bay working together through a formalized Coordinated Local Area Management System (CLAMS). The process was created with the assistance from BIM, Marine Institute, Producers, Fishers and interested parties.

The achievement was globally promoted and recognized at the GAA GOAL conference in Chennai, India in 2019.

View the Clew Bay CLAMS Area Map

RS Standards continues to work with biosecurity area management initiatives and can offer assistance at a number of levels from coaching to review for certification.

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Dave Garforth

RS Standards Consultant