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Hong Kong Sustainable Seafood Coalition – Risk Assessment

RS Standards have been the lead consultants working with the Hong Kong Sustainable Seafood Coalition (HKSSC) to develop a bespoke RASS tool to facilitate more responsible sourcing practices by the leading seafood businesses in Hong Kong. The HKSSC mission and vision is to allow buyers and sellers to come together and work pre-competitively on shared challenges such as sourcing sustainable and traceable seafood.


Hong Kong as a region consumes seafood from over 170 countries and territories globally and is the second largest per capita consumer of seafood in Asia. Hundreds of different seafood species are sourced globally to meet this demand. A key challenge hindering responsible sourcing by these businesses was the lack of knowledge and access to credible information on where to purchase this seafood. Put simply, there are very few sustainability assessments and third-party certification of the types of seafood eaten in Hong Kong and China, and very few businesses have a sustainability expert or team to provide internal advice.


This work showed that seafood businesses required structured information that can be easily assimilated into their own procurement systems and ensure compliance with their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies and their business’s risk tolerance. RS Standards developed a formalised Risk Assessment Sourcing System (RASS) which is tailored to need and assimilates available information quickly for improved risk management of supply chains and products.


RS Standards have taken a leading role in developing these sustainability risk assessments for fisheries and aquaculture species being sourced by HKSSC members. The first step was to develop a risk assessment method that was appropriate for fisheries and aquaculture production taking place in the SE Asia region. The second step was to ensure that it was context specific for the Hong Kong seafood market, and finally that the users of the risk assessment would be able to understand the results and make informed decisions on them.


To help with the second and final step, RS Standards have now developed a website to disseminate the risk assessment results to Hong Kong seafood buyers and provide information and guidance to help businesses implement responsible sourcing policies during their procurement.

Alex Caveen

Senior Consultant